Connecting FinTech’s top companies with the industry’s best talent

We’re a challenger search firm that has connected the top UK FinTech companies with the industry’s best talent. Let us use our proven headhunting expertise to help you find the right candidate.

The Mana Advantage

Exceptional performance

Drawing on our extensive network of professionals, we help our clients build teams from the ground up to shape the future of finance.

FinTech experience

As the only challenger search firm in FinTech, we’ve found the right candidates for neobanks, incumbent-driven ventures and everything in between.

Unparalleled insights

Through initiatives like Mana Labs, our partnership with Imperial College London, we deliver data that will help you hire for the future of financial technology.

Case Studies

Hire for Growth

How Mana Search discovered the CTO that fueled an award-winning FinTech’s international expansion.

Hire for Speed

How Mana Search found the right COO for an acclaimed consumer lender in record time.

Hire for the Future

How Mana Search partnered with an investment group to build its data science team from the ground up.


Learn from the Best

Stay ahead of the game with articles and reports on FinTech’s latest trends. And don’t miss our flagship podcast, Searching for Mana, where we interview the greatest innovators in finance.

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