Top 5 AI, Data Science & Analytics Podcasts that every Data Scientist and AI engineer should know.

Data science podcasts have exploded in popularity after the trend of data and analytics have evaded every corner of the corporate world. Whether you’re a beginner in the analytics field or a data professional for your entire career, listening to data science podcasts on your commute or while loosening up is an efficient way to stay on top of data science developments.

There are many data science podcasts to choose from but we have minimized them to top 5 Data Science Podcasts that will keep you on top of your game.

  1. Data Skeptic, 277 episodes, Itunes

One of the longest-running data science shows, the broadcast appeal a broad range of audiences, from a complete beginner to Chief Data Officer(CDO). Regular host Kyle Polich, occasionally joined by Linh Da Tran, produces weekly podcasts with short mini-episodes delving into high-level data science and machine learning concepts. Longer episodes feature many up-and-coming researchers and practitioners in the field to talk more about the experience. The podcast is excellent for any researchers.

2.Data Stories, 143 episodes, Itunes

Hosted by data visualisation specialists Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner, the podcast focuses on the latest developments in data analytics and data visualisation. With 40 minutes of great questions and, listeners can learn more how can we better visualise and communicate data to different stakeholders. The podcast is suitable for data analytics and visualization professions.

3.Linear Digressions, 238 episodes, Itunes

Hosted by Udacity – one of the most popular learning platforms to develop your data scientist skills, Linear Digressions focuses on the exploration of machine learning and data science through oddly creative applications. The podcast will be data – curious scientists to explore more advanced concepts and applications of data.

4.O’Reilly Data Show, 60 episodes, Itunes, SoundCloud, RSS

Considered as the father of all other data show, “The O’Reilly Data Show” features Ben Lorica, the Chief Data Scientist at O’Reilly Media. Through 60 episodes, the podcast explores different opportunities and techniques by applying data science and AI techniques. The show can be quite technical and more suitable for veteran data scientists, but it unveils some delightfully fascinating insights into the future of the industry.

5.Talking Machine, 87 episodes, Itunes
Former public radio producer Katherine Gorman joins forces with Professor Neil Lawrence to introduce machine learning to a broad audience and help industry professionals and business leaders to understand tools and technologies better. The podcast will ask the most challenging questions and answers from the field experts.

Bonus: Podcasts for wannabe data scientists

6. SuperDataScience, 250 episodes, Itunes

Becoming a data scientist can be a long winding road, and it can be challenging to find the motivation to keep going. In SuperDataScience podcast, Host Kirill Eremenko endeavours to generate that motivation through short episodes (5-10 minutes). He also created inspiring interviews with data science experts, discussing not only the science behind data science, but also more casual topics like their lessons learned, mistakes made, and career development.

7.Becoming a Data Scientist, 21 episodes, Itunes

Exactly does what its title says, the host Renee Teate joins with someone who is on their way to becoming a data scientist every two weeks. The podcast shares a different path to become data scientist, as well as the interviewers’ learning path to get to where they are now.