Dating in the world of recruitment

Having looked through a sea of potential suitors online, a couple of people have stood out. Either you made the first move or they did but, either way, now you get to talk to your potential matches in person. You’re prepared with points that show them what you have to offer is perfect for them, and questions to make sure what they have is perfect for you.

Now, what if I told you that’s not an online dating love story, but instead the everyday life of recruiters looking for the perfect candidate. Here’s a shortlist of why recruitment is kind of like online dating.

They have to meet minimum requirements

Just like dating where you may be looking for a tall blonde with a great personality, recruiters look for the perfect individual for the job.

  • The recruiter has to like you: We spend more time at work than at home so the perfect candidate usually has to be a good fit for the company culture.
  • Potential employees get a thorough background check: It’s not uncommon nowadays for companies to google potential employees and check out their social media, so be careful what you’re sharing online.
  • The date: You get interviewed! Just like a first date, make a great impression.

We get set up by our friends to make sure this all goes well

Job boards can be just as useless as dating apps like tinder or bumble, no one really gets what they’re looking for unless they’re lucky, employers don’t get a proper understanding of potential employees, unnecessary rejection is rife and feelings are hurt. People miss out on potentially valuable relationships constantly just because of the format.

When people do get together on these apps blind dates rarely go well, no matter how they’re portrayed in the movies. When this is translated into recruitment talk, blind dates without referrals can waste precious company resources and make HR’s job a lot harder. However, when a friend recommends another friend, this quite often can work out. They know you, they know the other person, and they can tell you’re a perfect match. This analogy also works well for employee referral schemes promoted by Mana Search.

Businesses can use our referral model to find candidates that don’t just meet their requirements – they exceed them and are a perfect fit for the company culture. It’s a recommendation from a friend x10. 

Hopefully, some of the information above has helped you with your search for love. Happy dating!

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