Episode 3 with Dora Ziambra, Chief Operating Officer at Azimo

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Fresh off the press – Dora Ziambra comes on to Searching for Mana to announce her promotion to Chief Operating Officer at Azimo!
For anyone considering the merits of taking an MBA, this episode is for you. With a background in Co-Founding and trading high-frequency algorithmic equity/index products, Dora took the long view in 2013 to attend INSEAD MBA course. This is where Dora met the future to be founders of Azimo, Michael Kent and Ricky Knox and the rest is History….

founded 2012
$66M funding to date and now operating in profit
is an online international money transfer company that challenges the old fashioned, expensive ways of moving your money around the world. They are all about lower costs, excellent exchange rates and a brilliant service.

Azimo is created with the explicit mission of cutting the costs of sending money home. Its international money transfer platform allows to send money either to a bank account or to over 270,000 cash pick-up points around the world and is accessible via mobile devices.

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