Husayn Kassai | CEO & co-founder Onfido | Journey to raise total of $200M

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We are thrilled to have with Searching for Mana our next guest Husayn Kassai, CEO and co-founder of Onfido. He is sharing with us his 8-year journey from graduation from Oxford University to building up an AI company. He also explains the concept of “immunity passports” for governments battling coronavirus. Onfido has just raised $100 million, reaching a total funding amount of $200 million.

Husayn Kassai, as a new machine age advocate, he is a believer in how technology can be used to build instant trust and power human interactions. In 2016, Husayn was named as one of Forbes’ ‘“30 Under 30”’, and as the Startups Awards’ ‘“Young Entrepreneur of the Year”’. ​Husayn sits on the Advisory Committee of the Oxford Seed Fund and the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI. He has a BA in Economics and Management from Keble​ ​College,​ ​Oxford.

Onfido helps businesses identify their users using Government IDs and facial biometrics by deploying AI to ensure that IDs are genuine, and matching the users presenting them. Onfido powers over 1,500 fintech, banking and marketplace clients globally—helping them onboard more users while reducing risk.

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