Peter Briffett | CEO and founder of Wagestream | Fintech with a social purpose

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We were delighted to be joined by Peter Briffett – CEO and founder of Wagestream, the Fintech with a truly fantastic social purpose.

Recorded from his amazing ‘work from home’ shed and giving Lloyd surely the most unique opening to a show he’s had so far, Peter speaks in-depth about how Wagestream is truly helping people to manage their finances by utilising open banking to stream their wages into their bank account as they earn.

We learn of Peter’s nomad upbringing, as his parents lectured and taught across the world – his first forays into 90’s tech and how he was the CEO of a company that Bill Gates described as the best acquisition that Microsoft ever made!

Oh and he’s also part of a world record-breaking sports team…

Surely that’s enough to make you delve deeper into the latest episode of ‘Searching for Mana!’

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