David Brear | CEO & Co-Founder of 11:FS

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This week Lloyd was joined by David Brear – co-founder and CEO of award-winning Fintech Consultancy 11:FS.

Having worked on both the industry and consultancy side of financial services, in early 2016 alongside some notable Fintech superstars – David founded 11:FS – determined that they would be the consultancy equivalent of so many other lauded financial disruptors.

David takes us back to his early life as a budding sportsman – hoping for a career in Basketball before a terrible knee injury meant a ‘pivot’ into Computing & Business

We learn that it was whilst collecting his undergraduate degree and the honest reflection that a failure to apply himself meant an unsatisfactory result (in his eyes) and thus from that day forward, a personal determination to always be the hardest worker in the room

Nicknamed ‘The Incredible Hulk’ by his colleagues – due to his dogged determination to get things over the line – this is a fascinating insight into the man behind one of the most recognisable brands in Global Fintech

Also published on Medium.