Charlie Delingpole | Founder & CEO ComplyAdvantage | $50m Series C Fund Raise Closed!

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Charlie is the Founder and CEO of ComplyAdvantage, a RegTech provider that offers anti-money laundering products to clients in the FinTech and banking industries. The company, which recently closed a $50-million Series C funding round, has received backing from such firms as Balderton Capital and Index Ventures.

Prior to ComplyAdvantage, Charlie co-founded MarketInvoice in 2010. The platform offers invoicing software and small business loans to help companies optimise their cashflow. MarketInvoice partnered with Barclays in 2018 before rebranding as MarketFinance the following year.

Before each of those companies, though, there was The Student Room. Charlie founded the student forum when he was just 16, and today, it calls itself the UK’s most popular education website.


Episode Notes

[03:45]: Charlie explains the importance of anti-money laundering efforts and why it’s ‘the hardest problem within FinTech’.

[16:20] After raising $40 million for a company he founded in his room, what challenges does Charlie continue to face?

[30:50] Charlie explains how his approach to company culture has changed over the course of the past year.

[39:35] How Charlie went from picking fruit to earning £400,000 in his first term at university.

[53:20] ‘Do I love it enough to actually work there full time?’ The questions Charlie asks when he considers investing in a company.

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