The best leaders are master psychologists | Beatriz Carrillo Garcia and Vivianna Rodriguez Carreon, University of Sydney

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Drs Beatriz Carrillo Garcia and Vivianna Rodriguez Carreon talk to Lloyd and Mana Search Co-Founder Mimi Nguyen about the hidden factors in great leadership!

Since collaborating at the University of Sydney, Beatriz and Vivianna have used their Theory U framework for measuring and imparting leadership skills in students. Joining us from Australia, the duo explains how to prevent personality clashes in interdisciplinary teams, the benefits of mindfulness at work and how team members can overcome vulnerability to communicate effectively.

The conversation also turns to employee engagement and why the best leaders are master psychologists. And it all concludes with a chat about the key takeaways from working through COVID-19!

Episode Highlights:

02:00: Beatriz and Vivianna discuss their credentials and research

06:43: How Theory U instills key leadership skills

16:20: Tolerating different ways of working in interdisciplinary teams

26:20: The ways in which leaders create productive environments

30:55: Why safe spaces are the key to effective collaboration

41:30: How much time should be spent in meetings?

51:00: Keeping employees motivated and engaged with their work

56:45: Why companies can’t take a top-down approach to their values.

1:03:55: How to enact change in large organisations

01:09:00: Creating optimal working conditions during COVID-19

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