The one trait financial consultants need to have | Gregory Pastore, Baringa

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Episode Notes

Gregory Pastore sits down with Lloyd and tells us how financial consultancies are preparing big banks for upcoming changes to global regulations.

After building up impressive experience with a major US bank (JP Morgan) and a Big Four consultancy (EY), Greg has made waves as Baringa’s Director Finance, Risk and Compliance. He tells Lloyd about the company’s game-changing work on climate risk, why major banks need to work collaboratively and why regulators need to adopt commercial mindsets. Plus, he fills us in on why working abroad can help senior level managers advance faster and shares the one soft skill he looks for when hiring.

Episode Highlights:

08:05: Why outside teams offer better regulatory recommendations than their in-house counterparts

15:40: How Baringa is changing the game on climate change risk exposure

20:30: The secret to Greg’s success: applying a commercial mindset to regulation

29:00: Why big banks need to work together to survive global regulatory change

35:00: The regulatory potential of blockchain technology

45:05: The one trait Greg looks for in a candidate

53:50: The final frontier: what promise does space hold?

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