Why do so many Goldman Sachs alums start FinTech firms? | Adam French, Scalable Capital

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Scalable Capital Founder Adam French tells Lloyd Wahed how he went from a student at LSE to the founder of a FinTech leader that partners with the world’s largest asset manager.

So what accounts for Adam’s tremendous career growth? After interning with Goldman Sachs, he quickly moved up into director roles within the bank’s trading division. But his relentless pursuit of self-betterment led him to leave the investment giant to make a go of it with his four partners. So together, they founded Scalable Capital, a WealthTech company that boasts a $460 million valuation and a close partnership with BlackRock.

On the podcast, Adam and Lloyd discuss the reason Scalable didn’t just focus on robo-advisors, the traits that make so many Goldman alums great FinTech founders and what it takes to raise funds for a new venture. Plus, Adam shares insights from his collaboration with BlackRock and explains why investing firms and Fintechs need to start targeting millennials for retirement funds.

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Episode Highlights:

02:16: What Scalable Capital’s up to and how it’s broadening its proposition

10:53: The importance of a solid founding theme

15:33: Why Scalable was founded without a CTO

23:53: Adam’s biggest opportunity at Goldman Sachs

28:42: Why Goldman alumni make such great FinTech founders

36:04: The long road to regulatory approval

39:08: How Scalable fostered user trust so quickly

45:43: Establishing the partnership with BlackRock

53:54: The traits that differentiate Scalable from other WealthTechs

58:54: Why millennials need better investment platforms as they age