Are big banks embracing open banking? | Georg Ludviksson, Meniga

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Meniga Co-Founder and CEO Georg Ludviksson sits down with Lloyd to outline how to found a successful open banking FinTech.

That’s a topic Georg has plenty of first-hand experience with. After developing one of Iceland’s most popular video games, Georg moved into tech, partnering with Nokia on an early mobile internet venture. That led him on to Harvard Business School before he founded Meniga, a digital banking company that boasts over 40 implementations with some of the world’s premiere retail banks.

In his chat with Lloyd, Georg tells us why incumbents are actually making open banking possible and how the lines between banks and FinTechs are blurring. Plus, he lays out how to have difficult conversations about founding equity, striking a balance between personal and business development, and how to maintain virtual relationships in a post-pandemic world.

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Episode Highlights:

06:34: How Meniga is so much more than a core banking solution

09:20: Why financial literacy is the key to career advancement

14:12: Why have incumbents been hesitant to embrace open banking?

20:30: Maintaining sustainable growth at Meniga

26:13: How Georg created one of Iceland’s most popular video games

31:53: Georg’s biggest tip for new founders

36:55: How Georg deals with leadership stress

43:55: The best ways to balance work and personal life

47:47: The trait that helped Georg succeed

51:30: How to maintain virtual relationships

56:20: Teasing Europe’s next up-and-coming tech hotspot