The future of work is multiple jobs | Louise Beaumont, TechUK

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Dr Louise Beaumont joins Lloyd for a far-reaching conversation that covers the future of open banking, the history of UK FinTech and everything happening in between.

Louise is an ideal guest to comment on it all. Since completing her PhD in just 15 months and working as a consultant for Capgemini, she’s led a versatile and varied career, making an early investment in Funding Options and advising companies from Yapily to Publicis.Sapient. In addition to chairing TechUK’s Open Banking and Payments Working Group, Louise holds a number of prominent roles in UK FinTech, and even chairs a podcast company, Message Heard, on top of it all.

To kick off the episode, Louise walks Lloyd through her early experience and tells us why she’s never worried about making her career look good on paper. From there, the conversation dives into the ways Louise affects regulatory change, why Funding Options is such an intuitive company, how to make innovation accessible to businesses and which companies are best positioned to capitalise on open data.

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Episode Highlights:

02:45: The Starling vs Monzo news and why Catherine Zeta-Jones should play Anne Boden

08:51: Why Louise has never tried to make her career look good on paper

12:32: How increased diversity improved business at Capgemini

20:25: How Louise helps companies get ahead of regulatory changes

27:05: Why Louise is suspicious of innovation books

32:30: Want to understand Open Data? Think of a daisy

40:20: How the government can enable progress within the FinTech community

47:06: The secret superpower that fuels Louise’s career