Brexit, BoE and forex changes in Q4 2020 | Michael Brown, Caxton FX

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Caxton FX Senior Market Analyst Michael Brown joins Lloyd for a special Thursday episode tackling the latest forex developments in the UK.

Since joining Caxton FX in 2016, Michael has shown an impressive knack for predicting developments in foreign exchange markets. In this episode, he shares why forex traders are bracing for a no-deal Brexit and tells us which currencies to invest in for Q4 2020. Plus, Michael warns us about of COVID-related economic shocks, a W-shaped recovery for the housing market, the dangers of negative interest rates at the Bank of England, and everything else you need to know about foreign exchange this quarter!

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Episode Highlights:

02:43: Why forex traders now predict a no-deal Brexit.

04:19: Don’t go below zero: predicting the Bank of England rate cut

08:55: Can the UK control a second wave of COVID-19?

11:20: The hot currencies forex traders should invest in for Q4 2020

13:44: Michael’s biggest economic fear

15:40: Taxing big tech giants: should the UK do it?

17:25: How did Michael form his passion for economics?

20:48: Why Michael didn’t go to university

24:32: How AI can (and can’t) improve foreign exchange

30:22: Michael’s big advice for forex traders