Will ESG revolutionise pensions? | Romina Savova, PensionBee

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PensionBee Founder and CEO Romina Savova joins Lloyd to examine a sector that’s ripe for disruption: pensions.

That’s the idea behind PensionBee, which Romina founded after working at behemoths like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. When she tried to consolidate her pensions in one place, she found the task impossible and received little to no help from financial advisors or her provider. So she founded PensionBee, which has partnered with some of the sector’s biggest money managers, including Legal & General and BlackRock.

In a far-reaching chat with Lloyd, Romina tells us about the advice gap in pensions, the rising demand for responsible investments and why sustainability and strong ROI aren’t mutually exclusive. Then she lays out her career trajectory from law to finance, outlines which types of businesses should pursue venture capital, and tells us how to build a purpose-driven culture.

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Episode Highlights:

04:27: Why the pandemic has people thinking about their pensions

08:10: Bridging the advice gap and the problem with pension providers

16:37: The rising consumer demand for sustainable investments

21:17: Investing responsibly without sacrificing ROI

27:42: Why Romi left Goldman Sachs

30:10: How Romi decided to pursue PensionBee

35:19: Which types of businesses should pursue venture capital?

39:10: How to increase executive diversity in FinTech

41:05: How to build a purpose-driven culture