Can blockchain solve financial inclusion? | Morten Christorp Nielsen, Aryze

Aryze CFO and Co-Founder Morten Christorp Nielsen joins Lloyd to discuss how digital assets have the potential to revolutionise financial inclusion.

After starting his career with such vaunted names as JP Morgan and UBS, Morten turned his attention to socially responsible finance. That’s how he got involved with Aryze, which aims to leverage blockchain and DLT to take the cost out of moving money around the world.

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To kick off their conversation, Morten and Lloyd go through Aryze’s journey from its founding to its present day. They touch on the difficulties of transferring money internationally, why Aryze has adopted an ethos of corporate responsibility, and how tokenisation can reduce costs for end users. Plus, Morten shares how he became JP Morgan’s third most successful salesman worldwide and lets us in on how DLT will allow smaller financial organisations to gain a foothold in the industry.

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