How the best CEOs make their own luck | Christian Busch, NYU and World Economic Forum

Episode Notes

Luck is on your side this week as NYU and LSE faculty member Christian Busch joins Lloyd to discuss his new book, The Serendipity Mindset.

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The Director of NYU’s Global Economy Program, Christian has extensive experience with social entrepreneurship. He co-founded the Sandbox Network, a global hub for young innovators, and has advised companies like TED and Haier. And with The Serendipity Mindset, he’s exploring how the world’s best CEOs cultivate luck to gain a competitive edge.

During their conversation, Christian tells Lloyd about the differences between smart and dumb luck, how to turn rejection into an opportunity, and why saying “no” can still leave you open to serendipity. Plus, they delve into the incident that sent Christian on an intense search for meeting and tackle unconscious bias in tech.

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Episode Highlights:

03:29: The Serendipity Mindset: how to attract smart luck

09:07: How to say “no” and still be open to opportunity

14:04: How to allow serendipitous connections to happen

20:28: Reframing: how to turn rejection into an opportunity

27:03: Why staying true to your north star ultimately helps you get ahead

31:18: The event that spurred Christian’s search for meaning

35:41: How can people network healthily online?

40:17: Combating unconscious biases in tech.

44:00: What’s next for Christian

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