Will crypto end traditional finance? | Alex Mashinsky, Celsius Network

Episode Notes

We’ve got blockchain on the brain this week as serial founder Alex Mashinsky sits down with Lloyd to talk DeFi, crypto and so much more.

As Founder and CEO of Arbinet, Alex made his name in the ‘90s as a pioneer of VOIP. From there, he went on to found eight more companies that raised a total of $1 billion in funds. Today, he runs Celsius Network, a P2P crypto lender that boasts more than $1 billion in deposits.

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In their wide-ranging conversation, Alex tells Lloyd why traditional finance is ripe for disruption and why he believes crypto will bring about that change. They also discuss why COVID will be a driver of new career opportunities, how Alex creates unusually successful companies and the forces that motivate Alex to constantly shake up established industries.

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Episode Highlights:

02:11: The reason Alex wants to share Celsius’s yield with his customer base

11:00: The reasons traditional finance is ripe for disruption

16:34: Why Alex left a successful public company to start Celsius

21:37: How job creation will accelerate in the wake of COVID

24:33: The promising future of crypto

29:40: How Alex creates unusually successful start-ups

34:09: Why Alex feels so responsible to the Celsius community

39:44: How the best patents tell a story

44:25: Big predictions on the future of finance

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