Digital currencies: are they inevitable? | Andrzej Horoszczak, Billon

Billon Co-Founder and CTO Andrzej Horoszczak joins Lloyd from Poland to discuss how DLT could lead to the advent of fully digital currencies.

It’s an episode that touches on finance, technology and entrepreneurship, all of which are Andrzej’s specialties. After studying computer science and business in the US, Andrzej gained extensive experience as a portfolio manager, IT specialist and CEO. Each of those qualifications comes in handy with Billon, which uses DLT to streamline everything from back office solutions to digital currencies.

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To kick things off, Lloyd and Andrzej dive into the obstacles facing central bank digital currencies, whether there’s room for competition in the blockchain space and how Billon could allow banks to exchange coins more efficiently. Plus, they discuss Poland’s promising programming scene and discuss how blockchain and digital currencies will evolve over the next five years.

Episode Highlights:

01:45: Does crypto represent a Bolshevik-style revolution in finance?

07:02: Which obstacles stand in the way of central bank digital currencies?

12:04: Is blockchain a zero-sum game?

17:20: How Andrzej came to study in the US, and how the promise of blockchain changed his life

22:53: Why honesty is crucial for founding teams

27:25: How Billon is fundraising for its future

31:54: What reading history has taught Andrzej about failure

35:57: How will blockchain evolve over the next five years?

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