Do you know where your pension is invested? | Chris Eastwood, Penfold

Chris Eastwood, co-founder and co-CEO at Penfold, sits down with Lloyd to talk about how his digital-based pension platform for self-employed workers and SME’s.

After entering the industry as a consultant with the Big Four, Chris leads now a UK-based fintech company that reached in 18 months 25,000 users with £25m of assets under management. The company is on a mission to give people more visibility and control over the environmental or social impact of their pension investments.

In this episode, Lloyd and Chris discuss the motivations behind his journey to revolutionise the pension landscape, the opportunities to serve the UK SMEs and self-employed sectors, and Penfold’s partnership with Starling Bank or Just Eat, reaching their 300k SMEs and 18k riders customer base. Later they delve into Chris’ journey as an entrepreneur and the experience of leading a fintech company in midst of the COVID-pandemic.

Listen here:


Episodes Highlights:

01:32: Reaching 25,000 users in 18 months

06:47: Building an end-to-end backend tech platform

09:42: How can we track our old pension investments?

13:37: Balancing the sustainability goals with performance

21:18 Partnerships with Starling Bank and Just Eat

30:05: Journey from management consultant, M&A to entrepreneurship

40:01: Future plans

44:31: Chris’ Mana