For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs (a Silicon Valley VC & a Dragon Den’s Investor) | Andrew D’Souza, Clearco

We’ve got startup lending on the brain this week as serial VC Andrew D’Souza sits down with Lloyd to talk working capital, angel mentorship and so much more.

As Founder and CEO of Clearco, Andrew made his name raising hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital and is an adviser and investor to companies such as WealthSimple, Properly, and Tulip Retail. Since graduating engineering and working for McKinsey, he’s joined Chamath Palihapitiya in his venture right after his exit from Facebook in 2010, meeting the teams behind Instagram (before being Instagram) and Slack (before being Slack) whilst being in the Andreessen Horowitz’ fund. Today, he runs Clearco, an equity-free startup lender that has reached a $2B valuation.

To kick off the episode, Andrew walks Lloyd through Clearco’s aim to offer founder-friendly capital solutions for e-commerce, mobile apps, and SaaS founders; as well as access to a powerful global network, insights and data, and recommendations through their Angel branch, the conversation dives into the ways Andrew’s entrepreneurial journey since the age of 10, and how couples that work, can work.

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Couples that Work, Professor Jennifer Petriglieri


Episode Highlights:

02:42: The difference between traditional venture capitalists and Clearco

08:57 Why the world doesn’t need another VC firm

11:04: Clearco’s $2B valuation

14:43: How Clear Angel offer founders access to a powerful global network, data, and mentorship

17:24: How data can help to get through business volatility

20:54 How to keep sane as a co-founder of a rocket ship

26:17: Being an entrepreneur since the age of 10

28:24: The difference between an engineer and a strategy consultant

29:38: How was Silicon Valley in 2010

41:00: How to leverage the geographic diversity of talents and founders

43:55: The issue of the distribution system of capital / Why half of the world is overweight and half still starving?

48:31: Couples that work

58:24: Andrew’s Mana