Should DeFi be regulated? | Jakub Zakrzewski, Kraken

This week, Kraken’s Managing Director Jakub Zakrzewski joins Lloyd for an enlightening chat about crypto, fintech, angel investment, career progression and so much more! A Forbes 30 under 30 superstar, with experience at companies like Rocket Internet and Revolut, Jakub offers incredible insight into both blockchain and fintech.

Kraken is one of the world’s largest and oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, with more than $1 billion worth of cryptocurrencies stoked to date. Touching on everything from the importance of the centralised side of DeFI, Jakub and Lloyd talk everything crypto has to offer. Then they dig into Jakub’s career to provide crucial advice: how to improve your own career algorithm, how hardworking is the core of many successful stories, how to cold email Revolut’s CEO for a job and other valuable lessons!

Listen here:


Episode Highlights:

02:30: Kraken’s strategic development in APAC

11:55: Should we regulate DeFi and digital assets industry?

17:59: The cyclical nature of the cryptocurrencies’ market

21:08: Building own career’s algorithm and the next-day flight ticket to Malaysia

26:40 Working with Nik’s from Revolut

28:28: Building a company from scratch in Hong Kong

36:46: Angel investing, the traits of best founders and future of fintech

43:44 Jakub’s Mana