The VC that sold iZettle for 2.2 Billion to Paypal | Josh Bell, Dawn Capital

The future of money is here as Dawn Capital General Partner Josh Bell sits down with Lloyd to discuss how he finds tomorrow’s behemoths, leading the fund’s Fintech investments.

Josh graduated Oxford University in Mathematics, was subsequently a Research Fellow at Harvard University in Economics and Game Theory before his MPhil in Statistics at Cambridge University.

After starting his career with strategic consultancy McKinsey, Josh moved into the venture capital sphere with Dawn Capital, which offers B2B Series A/ Series B companies’ funding. In this in-depth conversation, Josh tells us what he looks for when investing in a company, his investment in iZettle that led to a 2.2 Billion deal with PayPal, and why headhunting will become a bespoke, very tailored solution, which requires human knowledge and understanding.

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Episode Highlights

2:59 Dawn Capital’s thesis

11:30 Who does Dawn Capital invest in?

19:40 The future of headhunting

26:10 How management consulting equips future leaders

30:45 Reflections on the formation of a VC fund

44:00 Where are the next Fintech hubs?

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