Headhunting. Modernised.

We use machine learning to speed up your hiring process. Our shortlists are accepted on average under 2 weeks.

Automated dry matching resumes with job description is not enough. We combine NLP for selection with experienced headhunter’s eye to deliver culturally matching talents.

How it works

We headhunt for Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Credit Risk, Machine Learning, Software Development and Business Intelligence roles.

The Hard-To-Get Skills

We see who is not actively searching on jobsites but is still interested in new job opportunities. We headhunt the one working for your competitor.

Natural language processing

We are using natural language processing to support the search process while scanning hundreds of resumes to shortlist the best candidates into a winner’s shortlist.

The human touch

A combination of technology enhanced with human experience selects the candidates, who culturally fit your organisation.