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How do you collaborate online?

Share your experience with Imperial College London research team.

Mana Search has partnered with Imperial College London’s design engineering research team. The research is focused on socio-cognitive analysis of distributed multidisciplinary collaboration: shared understanding, creativity and team effectiveness. Imperial College London is recruiting participants for a study on team dynamics in online collaboration in a professional context. 

  1. Do you use virtual communication channels (emails and chat communication apps) in a professional context?
  2. Do you work in cross-functional teams (people coming from different professional backgrounds and/or different areas of expertise)?
  3. Do you work on projects with creative outputs (novel and useful ideas)?

If your answer is “Yes” to all of these questions, you might be suitable to take part in the study. We will need to ascertain if you fully qualify.

The study will involve a semi-structured interview about building a shared understanding of your team through digital communication channels. Example question: How does your team solve problems creatively while working remotely?

The interview will take 20-30 minutes through video conferencing tools (Skype/ You can choose between (a) a fully anonymised interview to keep your data unidentifiable or (b) podcast interview to share your experience via Apple Podcast as a thought leader. You will be free to withdraw at any time and without giving a reason.

Benefits: you will become part of the research network with Imperial College London with premium access to our research results, and the possibility to be cited in academic publications if you wish so. Read more on Imperial College London page:

This study (Socio-cognitive analysis of distributed multidisciplinary collaboration: shared understanding, creativity and team effectiveness) was approved by the Joint Research Compliance Office of Imperial College London on 16/03/20 under the Science Engineering Technology Research Ethics Committee process (SETREC reference: 20IC5834). Research Lead: Mimi Nguyen, Mana Lab Imperial College London; Principal Investigator – Dr Céline Mougenot, Imperial College London.

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