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How much are data analysts / data scientists / data engineers being paid? Find out from our industry report based on real data.

We have analysed thousands of job offers across the UK (including vacancies from major jobsites like indeed.co.uk) to provide a full market overview on salaries that the employers are offering for the permanent positions. These are the findings based on real salary offers from companies, not just trends suggestions collected from questionnaires.

It’s what we’re passionate about – connecting best data talents with best job opportunities to help our clients continue to thrive.

So, we’ve decided to share the real insight on the job market.

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  • The average data analyst / data scientist/ data engineer salaries across the UK
  • What is the career progression for all three data analyst / data scientist/ data engineer
  • What are the best paid skills and most sought for programming languages

Find out today how much best data analytics talents earn across the UK!


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Use our interactive map below to learn how much you can earn or view the full report below to learn more about what are the salary levels and skills required by the hiring companies.