Richard Wagner | CEO of Cashplus – the UK first neobank, and the fintech before “fintechs”

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I was delighted to welcome Richard Wagner, CEO of Cashplus.

Cashplus are a leading UK challenger to banks and Richard has been the driving force behind it’s growth over the last 16 years. We talk about his journey to the UK (he’s from across the pond), the dreams and vision he had from the start, his incredulity at how long it took him to set up a bank account when he arrived in the UK, to his passion for giving people access to efficient and easy alternatives to traditional banking. Cashplus is the UK first neobank, the only one to become profitable, and the fintech before “fintech” was a thing.

Cahsplus have driven a lot of the innovation we see in the UK payments market today and are one of the most awarded digital banks in the industry. From holding the government to account to make the banking sector more competitive to looking ahead and staying at the forefront of the payment industry, Richard’s story and insights are not something you want to miss

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