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  • When I first started as a Headhunter 15 years ago, the term “data science” barely existed. Today, it is not uncommon for even small businesses with between 50-250 people to have a Chief Data Officer, especially in the case of data-driven platforms and FinTech startups. This has created extremely high demand for data science skill sets – demand that employers are struggling to fill. Over the coming decade, as the application of data becomes ever-more vital, we believe there will be increased demand for data-related skills. As a counterpoint, just like many professions, automation in data analytics will create efficiencies that do not currently exist. What impact will this have on the talent market? The adoption of cloud technology, and demand for automation engineering and machine learning, are crucial elements that companies must address through their tech stacks and talent acquisition efforts. Lloyd Wahed, CEO

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  • WorkScout is hands down the best theme for job board out there. Amazing support and great features. Anna Smith

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