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On this episode, Lloyd sits down with Joseph George, Managing Director and Partner at Dufrain. In his work with both Dufrain and Deloitte, Joseph has worked with major financial institutions such as Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays, JPMorgan and more. Earlier this year, DataIQ named him one of the UK’s most influential people in data and analytics.

In a wide ranging discussion, Lloyd and Joseph talk about the role education plays in career advancement, why mechanical engineering is a great specialty for future managers, and why FinTech companies are so exciting right now. Plus, Joseph shares his best advice for young professionals and tells us why the consultancies of the future will need to prioritise culture.

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Episode Highlights:

[08:11] Joseph outlines how his cultural background instilled the importance of education from an early age.

[18:38] How mechanical engineering preps professionals for management roles.

[26:30] Why Joseph came to study in the UK rather than the US.

[33:30] The best advice Joseph ever got in university.

[44:10] Why experience is more important than education in the UK.

[54:25] How the significance of data caused Joseph to jump from Deloitte to Dufrain.

[01:02:15] Why culture is the future for financial consultancies.

[01:14:50] How the financial services industry embraced data, and why SMEs are just catching up.

[01:25:25] Why FinTech companies are so exciting for Joseph right now.

[01:28:30] Joseph’s tips for young professionals.

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