Why every bank wants robo-advisors | Ned Phillips, Bambu

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Searching for Mana dives deep into WealthTech this week as Ned Phillips (Founder and CEO of Bambu, co-host of the WealthTech UnWrapped podcast) sits down with Lloyd to talk robo-advisors, sales and so much more.

After starting out as a London insurance salesman in the early 1990s, Ned found success in the east as Etrade’s Managing Director for Asia. Next, he became a leader in the global WealthTech space, providing solutions to HSBC, Standard Chartered, Franklin Templeton and more.

On the podcast, Ned tells Lloyd about the skyrocketing demand for robo-advisors amongst banks and why he wants the name ‘Bambu’ to be synonymous with WealthTech. He also explains why he never hires anyone who’s rude to a waiter, why a positive attitude is everything, and how FinTech is becoming a pillar of the Singaporean economy.

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Episode Highlights:

03:20: Ned introduces us to Bambu and explains why he wants to rule the world of WealthTech

11:55: Big demand from banks: why so many companies are seeking out robo advisors

20:05: Turning Bambu into THE global WealthTech company

22:30: How Ned determined his career path

27:31: Ned’s superpowers: competitive spirit and relentless positivity

35:30: Why Ned prioritises attitude above skills when hiring

40:10: Lloyd’s advice for job interviews: “Be disgustingly well prepared”

46:15: Be the solution: Ned’s tips for being a great leader

50:25: How fintech could become the fourth pillar of Singapore’s economy