Blockchain investing: what you need to know | Andrea Bonaceto, Eterna Capital

Eterna Capital Partner Andrea Bonaceto joins Lloyd to talk about blockchain investing.

Since launching in 2018, Eterna has provided seed and early-stage funding to blockchain innovators like Algorand, Borderless Capital, DFINITY and more. Forbes has named it one of the top three boundary pushing blockchain investing firms, and Andrea has been named to the publication’s Top 30 Under 30 list.

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In their conversation, Andrea and Lloyd wonder whether blockchain will have the same revolutionary impact as the internet, identify the key trends that will shape the sector’s development and question how it will drive adoption of central bank digital currencies. Plus, Andrea outlines the industry’s biggest  hotspots and tells us why community-building is essential for blockchain investing firms.

Check out the book Andrea mentions, Albert Wenger’s World After Capital

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Episode Highlights:

03:16: Why Eterna’s first fund focused heavily on blockchain infrastructure

09:13: Digital ownership and traceability: the key trends fueling Eterna’s second fund

14:07: How can blockchain fuel adoption of central bank digital currencies?

19:42: Why blockchain is philosophically inclined toward positive social change

22:06: What drew Andrea to the blockchain space

26:45: Do you need to live in San Francisco or London to work in blockchain?

32:02: The role of community-building in blockchain-related companies

38:47: Why Andrea avoids structured approaches to work

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