The right way to hire product managers | Ayman Jawhar, INSEAD and Rockwae

Mana Labs Co-Founder Mimi Nguyen is in the host’s chair this week as she and Ayman Jawhar tell us how to hire product managers properly.

And who better to ask than Ayman? With product experience at tech giants like PayPal and smaller firms like Hudl, he knows how to optimise product teams at companies of all sizes. And as a lecturer for INSEAD and a mentor at Seedcamp, he’s helping great start-ups hire product managers effectively.

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To kick off the episode, Ayman and Mimi talk about the future of product management, why companies need to build product-first cultures, and how employers can find the perfect product professional. Plus, they discuss how CEO and CPO roles overlap and why fintech is ahead of the game on product.

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Episode Highlights:

05:27: Why traditional product management techniques are ineffective

12:15: The problem with how companies hire product managers

15:32: Why hiring a CPO is so daunting

21:08: When it comes to product, why is fintech ahead of the curve?

27:28: How INSEAD helped Ayman find a job at PayPal

29:55: Why product people need experience at big and small companies

35:00: How teaching helps Ayman strengthen his product knowledge

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